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Jakarta Travel Guide

April 29, 2010

Good news for you to travel to jakarta, a new website Jakarta Travel Guide has recently launched.


We’ll Always Have Jakarta

March 6, 2010

You may have remember this phrase for Paris, but it should be applicable for jakarta as well.
We will always have Jakarta.

Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia

March 4, 2009

Jakarta is the capital and largest city of Indonesia. Formerly known as Sunda Kelapa (397–1527), Jayakarta (1527–1619), Batavia (1619–1942), and Djakarta (1942–1972), jakarta has a greater population than any other city in Southeast Asia. Jakarta is located on the northwest coast of Java. It has an area of 661.52 square kilometres (255.41 sq mi) and a population of 8,489,910. Jakarta is the country’s economic, cultural and political center.

First established in the fourth century, the city became an important trading port for the Kingdom of Sunda. As Batavia, it grew greatly as the capital of the colonial Dutch East Indies. Renamed Jakarta in 1942 during Japan’s occupation of the Java, it was made the capital city of Indonesia when the country became independent after World War II.